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Dimitar Arnaudov , born in Plovdiv, currently lives in Asenovgrad. He finished his primary education in Asenovgrad, and the secondary in Plovdiv with a musical profile – specialty bagpipe. In high school starts his interested in classical double bass instrument. So he begun playing the bagpipe and the double bass in parallel. In the beginning, folk singing for Dimitar is just a nice hobby that with time and with the appreciation of the audience, both in Bulgaria and the world, becomes a passion for him. The love of folklore is deeply rooted in his family, where inherited the genes of their ancestors and musicality, which he develops at a professional level.
After high school he continued his education at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts’ Academy of Music „in Plovdiv, specialty pipes to School“ Musical folklore and choreography“ and a minor in contrabass. Concert activity in student life is never-ending, which helps his development and growth as a musician. With the bass part in many educational and entertainment ensembles of the Music Academy. He played in the academic orchestra which takes an active part in both the student concerts and cultural life of the city and meeting foreign guests. He played with the ensemble of the 3rd year, and helpsed the colleagues from the Ist and IInd course. Again with bass performing in-house MP Orchestra Academy
With bagpipes takes participations in productions of the department and class meetings, which are held at the end of each semester. He continues to sing in the choir academy course even without studying it as a specialty in the music academy. He began to actively deal with folk singing with various chamber ensembles assembled from other musicians.

Ivan Hristev, He was born 08.03.1992. in Plovdiv. He finished the primary education in Plovdiv, while the secondary in Smolyan, where he met Raycho, Jordan and Yuldi that sparked his interest in folk music and invite him to join a newly forming bit Orchestra Children and Youth Ensemble (DYUFA ) „Orpheus“ in Smolyan. The head of the orchestra directed him to the drums and began to teach him a bit folk instrument drum. Ivan continues to study drum during the next year as more as he falls in love with this musical instrument and understands that this is his calling. After graduation in Smolyan, he continued his education in Sofia – UNWE economy. Throughout his follow Ivan did not give up drums. When he graduated in Sofia, he returned to his native city.

Raycho Palagachev , born 02.06.1989g. in Smolyan. When he was only 8 years old Raycho interested in the Rhodope bagpipe and entered the School of Child and Youth Folklore Ensemble (DYUFA) „Orpheus“ in Smolyan, where he begun studying and developing over the next 11 years bagpipe art. During these years, there are numerous appearances in bBulgaria and in other countries, such as Germany, Belgium, Austria, Macedonia, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Greece and others. He won prizes and awards at international and local festivals. After completing his secondary education in his home town Smolyan, Raycho moved to live in Plovdiv., Where he continued to disseminate and promote bagpipe.

Jordan Palagachev. He was born 25.05.1992 in Smolyan. He graduated from high school and university educations in his hometown. Lit by his elder brother, Dancho first catches the bagpipe in second grade. He began his training in schools of children – youth folk ensemble „Orpheus“ Smolyan, which plays 11 years. His stay in the ensemble is filled with many memorable moments, performances and tours in Bulgaria and abroad. He has won many awards and diplomas of bagpipe contest in the cities of Novi Pazar and Gela. After completing his secondary education, Jordan began teaching bagpipe. In 2013. restores bagpipers squad in Momchilovci, which trained hornpipe to 20 children. Inspired by his students and his love Rhodope bagpipe, Jordan achieved another dream – craftsmanship for making ancient instrument. In 2014. with hard work and effort creating his workshop and began studying and practicing the old craft to this day.